If I had to sum up my feelings...

If someone was to ask me why I didn't believe in God, I would like to imagine myself saying the following:

"God is not necessary for any process that can otherwise be explained by natural means. For situations that cannot be explained by natural means, there is no more physical evidence for using God as an explanation than any other story that could be created by the imagination. In all likelihood, the explanations and answers to the biggest questions we still cannot answer is likely to be far more incredible and amazing than we can even imagine, and I feel no fear in admitting there is still much to learn about the universe. The time we are experiencing is so small compared to the billions and billions of years that have brought us to this point. Are you brave enough to acknowledge your own insignificance? Expand your mind, you don't need any mental crutch. Live for the betterment of our planet and the life that inhabits it, not for the promise of eternal bliss in the world to come."

Things like that are a lot harder to put into words in real life.

Sorry updates haven't been very frequent, to whomever is reading!

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