Best Cartoon Edits

I've been cruising youtube lately looking for the best cartoon re-edits that I can find. Some of these are fantastic. The editing is so on you'll swear it was what the creators originally intended.

How Disney Makes its Money
Wow, I thought I'd seen that scene somewhere before.

The Jungle Book on Venetian Snares
This is what happens when you mix IDM and Jungle. Get it? HAW HAW. I don't even want to imagine the editing process involved in creating this.

Bert & Ernie Try Gangsta Rap
Older than the internet, but the synchronization is perfect and its a classic, so give it another watch.

The Count Censored

What have they done with my childhood educational shows? Made them awesome. Also, the count did always seem like a bit of a sex fiend didn't he?

Toy Story Requiem
Anything put to that soundtrack sounds epic, but I think the bar for mash-ups has been raised on this one.

Duck Tales vs. Lil Jon & Three 6 Mafia - Act a Fool

GOOSE GOT ME LOOSE. GONE ON PETRONE... Scrooge suits the ballin' lifestyle perfectly.

Fieval Goes West vs. Creep Crawl Flash - No Cats
Just to calm things down again, this is a cool, ethereal music video made for the song No Cats. I haven't seen Fieval since I was a little kid so this is pretty neat.

Three 6 Mafia - Smokin' on the Dro vs. Alice in Wonderland
Read the description and you'll learn that this was submitted as a final project for some student's class. Must be a cool prof. The editing in this one is fantastic.

Pogo - Wonderland
Alice makes another appearance to finish the list in this amazing track that bounces along and sucks you into the imagination of Carrol. The track is as good as the editing, and the user has a number of videos of the same caliber that you should check out.

And if that last one wasn't awesome enough, here's an added bonus:
Alice on YooouuuTuuube.com

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